Virtual Reality made Real

The IDOL 4S is the world’s first smartphone + VR goggle package delivering virtual reality experiences that everyone can enjoy right out of the box.

Activate the VR Launcher app on the IDOL 4S to explore videos and games that go where your eyes go. Turn your head to control your character in a game or explore the boundaries of a video. This is truly an immersive experience.

Pre-loaded with VR experiences, the IDOL 4S is ready to take you beyond what you’ve imagined a phone can do.

Idol 4s Phone

Play wherever you want

Tons of VR games arrive in the Google Play store every week. To kick off the party, the IDOL 4S comes pre-loaded with experiences from VR content pioneer Littlstar. The games give you a glimpse of the possibilities of Virtual Reality. Explore new worlds wherever you look.

Create your own video experience

The IDOL 4S comes pre-loaded with YouTube 360--a channel devoted to VR videos. These videos don’t just surround you; they cover you above and below. Wherever you look, there is more adventure. You can find even more VR games and videos in the Alcatel VR Store (also pre-loaded on the IDOL 4S) and the Google Play Store.

Idol 4s Phone
  • How does the VR Headset work?
    It’s pretty simple. Your Alcatel IDOL 4S includes VR goggles with an adjustable headstrap. You slide your IDOL 4S into the slot in the front of the goggles, depress the switch on the opposing side to lock the phone in, place the goggles on your head, and then control the action with the buttons on the underside of the headset.
  • What do those buttons do?
    On the bottom of your VR goggles, there are two buttons. The one on the left works like the back key on your Alcatel IDOL 4S. When you press it, you go back one screen at a time. Do not worry; you will not be able to go back out of the VR launcher. The button on the right is your action button. When you want to select an option or action, press it.
  • How do I navigate through my VR content while my device is in the goggles?
    Just turn your head and follow the targeting reticle to see all your options. The device will see what you are looking at and you can press the action button to select it.
  • How do I play games?
    Virtual Reality games work with the motion of your head to guide your avatar through the environment. You just turn your head to see more of the playing field, and navigate your character. To make a selection press the action key.
  • What is so special about VR videos?
    With Virtual Reality videos, there is no edge of the screen. The action doesn’t just take place in front of you; it takes place all around you. Turn your head in any direction to see more of the video. You are inside the experience, not just watching from the sidelines.

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