Unreal Audio

The IDOL 4S features dual 3.6-watt, JBL certified, front-facing speakers with Hi-Fi audio and Waves technology that will fill a room with your tunes. The included JBL headphones put great sound in your ears wherever you go.


Get an extra boost from the BOOM KEY when you need fuller bass and loudness. Great for when your music has to fill a room or power external speakers.

Be the DJ anywhere

The Onetouch Music app pre-loaded on the IDOL 4S turns you into the DJ. Scratch, add sound effects, drop samples, make samples, beat match songs, fade between songs, scrub ahead, adjust your EQ, and record mixes for later playback--all in a simple but powerful app.

Crystal clear calls

Great audio shouldn’t only apply to your music. Your phone is a phone after all. The Boom Key adds enhanced voice clarity and loudness while making a phone call in a noisy environment. Dual mics help cancel outside noise while you’re talking.


Dual 3.6-watt JBL certified speakers with Hi-Fi audio support and Waves technology / HD voice calls / Dual mic noise cancellation / JBL headphones

Idol 4s Phone