How does the VR Headset work?

It’s pretty simple. Your Alcatel IDOL 4S includes VR goggles with an adjustable headstrap. You slide your IDOL 4S into the slot in the front of the goggles, depress the switch on the opposing side to lock the phone in, place the goggles on your head, and then control the action with the buttons on the underside of the headset.

What do those buttons do?

On the bottom of your VR goggles, there are two buttons. The one on the left works like the back key on your Alcatel IDOL 4S. When you press it, you go back one screen at a time. Do not worry; you will not be able to go back out of the VR launcher. The button on the right is your action button. When you want to select an option or action, press it.

How do I navigate through my VR content while my device is in the goggles?

Just turn your head and follow the targeting reticle to see all your options. The device will see what you are looking at and you can press the action button to select it.

How do I play games?

Virtual Reality games work with the motion of your head to guide your avatar through the environment. You just turn your head to see more of the playing field, and navigate your character. To make a selection press the action key.

What is so special about VR videos?

With Virtual Reality videos, there is no edge of the screen. The action doesn’t just take place in front of you; it takes place all around you. Turn your head in any direction to see more of the video. You are inside the experience, not just watching from the sidelines.

Where do I go to get additional VR content?

We have partnered with Littlstar (pre-loaded on the IDOL 4S) to bring the best VR games and content to your IDOL 4S.

More VR games and videos are being created all the time. To help you find the best, we pre-loaded your IDOL 4S with the Alcatel VR Store--an app with the best of VR.

You can also find VR content on YouTube 360 and and in the Google Play store.

Will my Alcatel VR goggles function with VR content that does not come from the Alcatel VR store?

Absolutely. While we cannot guarantee all content will play nicely with the Alcatel VR goggles, most will.

Can I use my IDOL 4S in other VR devices such as Google Cardboard?

Yes. We cannot guarantee it will work in all VR goggles.

Can I use my Alcatel VR goggles with other devices?

No. Your Alcatel VR goggles are designed to work specifically with your IDOL 4S and your IDOL 4S is designed specifically to work with your VR goggles.

What can I do if I downloaded an app from the Google Play Store and it does not work in my Alcatel VR goggles?

Some apps will not perform well in certain VR goggles, please consult the app developer for more troubleshooting assistance.

Where do I go for warranty support on my VR goggles?

Call us at 855-368-0829 between 8-8 M-F (ALL US ZIP CODES) & SATURDAY (8AM-4PM CST). Reach out to us on Facebook: Contact us through email:

What should I do if I see blurry images?

Make sure you have removed the plastic lens protectors from your VR Goggles. If problems persist, please refer to the Health and Safety Warnings at the bottom of this document.

Will I be able to use the VR with glasses?

Your results will vary but the VR goggles fit comfortably over most eyeglasses.

Will I be able to use my headphones?

Definitely! Plug in the JBL headphones included with your IDOL 4S or any other headphones you desire.

Will I be able to charge my device while I’m using it in VR mode?

Yes. But it won’t be ideal. When you are in VR Mode, you’ll need to move your head around to view the video you’re watching or play a game. Being attached to a power cord will limit your movement.

Are there any Health and Safety Warnings?

To prevent possible impact to visual development, children under the age of 13 should NOT use VR headset. Adults should monitor children (age 13 and older) who are using or have used the VR headset for any of the symptoms described below and should limit the time children spend using the VR headset and ensure they take breaks during use.

Some people may experience severe dizziness, motion sickness, seizures, epileptic seizures, or blackouts triggered by light flashes or patterns. This may occur while they are watching TV, playing video games, or experiencing virtual reality. Such seizures are more common in children and young people under the age of 20. People with a history of severe dizziness, motion sickness, seizure, and epileptic seizure should seek a doctor’s advice before using this VR headset.

Immediately discontinue VR headset usage if you experience any discomfort such as a nausea, lightheadedness, sore eyes, fatigue, etc.

Take at least a 10 to 15 minute break for every 30 minutes of use to avoid prolonged usage, even if you don’t think you need it.

Use only under safe environment. It is suggested to be seated during usage to avoid accidents.

Do not use the VR headset while driving, operating heavy machinery, walking, or when usage would distract from situations where you must obey traffic or safety laws. If you feel impaired or disoriented after using the VR headset, do not immediately drive or operate heavy machinery.

* may not be compatible with all third party VR content